WHO] Justin Barlow, an extraordinarily ordinary guy getting through life. Kind of a geek, too.
WHAT] An online record of my life, from the boring to the awesome.

WHERE] Grays Harbor County, Washington. Most people just know about Aberdeen thanks to Kurt Cobain, but it’s a mostly-quiet place. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s boring.
I’m a writer, but until that starts paying up, I’m working as a wage-slave. For now, that’s an internationally well-known 24-hour convenience store that I won’t name. It’s not ideal, but it’s letting me take care of things for now.
Little bit of knowledge for you? I’m not as lame as I seem. You don’t have to just take my word for it, though – I have references.

“Justin is awesome, and he has an amazing voice. We are blog buddies, but he feels like an old high-school pal :)” — Alexandra, musician and blogger at The Tsaritsa Sez

“Friend. Scribe. Snappy dresser. Las Vegas staple since 1978. Cuisine MacGyver.” — Matt, music expert and activist

“Justin makes me smile on a daily basis.” — Erica, assistant district attorney and sports enthusiast 

“[…]Slice-of-life stories that can be humorous as well as poignant. This is the stuff of a young life described in an earnest and whimsical way. […] When Mr. Barlow transcends self consciousness he can be a wonderfully interesting writer. So I hope he keeps at it. And stops apologizing for the quality of his writing. It’s pretty good.” — D. Lemming, Olympia Views


I’ve been blogging since the end of 2008, and while I don’t remember every detail, you can partially blame my friend @thejollity if you hate it. She’s the one who set the dominoes in motion, but I’m the one who got carried away. When I started, my posts averaged 50-100 words, and were really boring updates on what was going on. I wish that I still had them online somewhere, but I deleted them a long while back, so you’ll just have to take my word that I was not a good blogger back then.

Q: Back then? You mean you are now?

Haha, funny reader-that’s-really-my-self-deprecating-humor! At least I’ve got my own voice as a blogger now. And, with the exception of the posts where I’m at work and trying to get one in before midnight, most of them aren’t horrible.

This blog was started in 2010 as something to have separate from my attempts at being a half-professional web writer and reviewer, with the now-defunct Random Ramblings blog. That’s toast these days, because it got to the point where I felt miserable doing it. Maybe it would’ve been easier to stick with if I hadn’t had to go to sometimes difficult lengths to get online and post, but all things reach an end, and Random Ramblings was no exception.

Now, this is where I post about everything. I’m currently doing a “blog for a year” challenge. Hopefully after that’s done, I’ll still be able to think of mildly interesting things to throw out onto the internet for you to not care about. 😛

Update (Nov. 2013): Whew… I really dropped the ball on that whole “blog for a year” thing, didn’t I? Fuck it. I’m trying to get back in to blogging, both here and over on Sympathy For The Blue Devil, and I’m ready to see how it goes. Anyone up for the ride? 🙂

Update (Apr. 2014): I did alright for a while, but man… I really need to stop making blog-promises. Oh well… allonsy!

Update (May 2017): No blog promises, just going to hope I can write from time to time. I want to, but I don’t want it to be pointless!

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