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Dungeon Delving: The Eye of the Storm



Welcome to Dungeon Delving Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, I open up the D&D 4E character creator, click “Quick Character”, and write a story featuring the random character with which it provides me! Today’s story features Yog, Changeling Storm Sorcerer!


The winds whipped around him as he hovered, feeling the rain pelt his face. This was truly the place where he could escape from it all — each stinging drop washing away the scorn of society and the pain of his past.

Yog had Awakened during his torture at the hands of a demented wizard. He’d not known of any magics before then, but something that the wizard did to him had unleashed a furious storm. That had been the first time he’d killed, a bolt of intense lightning shooting from his core, striking the wizard with such force that he’d been thrown against the wall and ripped in half.

Since then, he’d learned of his sorcery, something that came innate and was passed down family lines. He’d learned to control it, use it to help. He would travel, finding places devoid of water, and attempt to help by bringing them a storm. Sometimes, it worked. Other times, the storm came too strong, and the villagers blamed it on the new person, chasing him out at the ends of their weapons.

The storms, though… They never sent him away. They were his constant companion, and hovering high above the ground, in the center of them, he felt understood. Oftentimes, it felt like Kord had sent them to him. He had called them, and the Stormfather had answered. There were villages that did not survive the storms that were brought, but that was the nature of them. A gentle rain could help struggling crops, but the howling winds and searing lightning could devastate just as easily. Such was the nature of storms.

Yog closed his eyes, relaxing his control over his hovering, letting the winds of the storm buffet him to and fro. He trusted that the Stormfather would see him safely to his next attempt to help. It was not up to Yog, however, what storm would follow him.

After what seemed like minutes to him, but must have been longer, he opened his eyes. The area around him was vastly different and, as he settled himself to the ground gently, he could see a large settlement in the distance. He began to walk that way, darkening his skin tone and changing his features, pulling his cloak’s hood up around his head. He brushed a strand of now-black hair out of his face, ready to be the same man he always was: a lost traveler, a patron saint of storms. Different faces every time, but always the same man.

Kord send that these people were deserving of his help. That they were understanding of his gifts.


I’ve never written a changeling or a sorcerer before! I had a lot of fun with this one, but I’m hoping for something with a bit of levity next week. These will get boring if they’re always serious!

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