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Heeeey dummy….

Preferably, all of you who are familiar with the reference in the title will have heard that in the voice of Chewie from The Mana Pool. While I admit that’s probably a reeeeally small overlap, I’m hoping there’s a few of you.


Lately, I’ve been attempting to work on my cooking technique. I made a fresh General Tso sauce from scratch (with ingredients to make more) recently that turned out great, and have two lists to which I keep adding: techniques to practice, and specific recipes to make. With all of the experimenting in my head, I decided to go for something a bit more wallet-friendly today – a favorite of mine, chili.


The last time I made chili, it was when I was eating ketogenic, and used canned black soy beans instead of kidney beans. As such, I didn’t have to cook them long, and didn’t really have to soak them at all. Today, I am not eating low-carb/high fat, and made a big mistake in the process of making my chili…. forgetting to soak kidney beans overnight before using them. Insert the title of this post here.


So, I figured I’d make a quick blog post documenting my “duh” moment while I’m waiting for an attempted quick-soak to fix it, and enjoying some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I hope anyone reading this is well, and hey, it’s a blog post that’s more recent than “two years”!

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