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Picture Explosion: Return from Alaska!

Okay, so maybe I have been back from Alaska for over a month now.
Maybe I have been slacking off on blogging because I went back to work almost immediately.
And maybe, just maybe I’ve been trying to come up with content before I started blogging again.

“. . . What?”

That was the eagle outside of B-212, the room where I spent most of my five months in Dutch Harbor. He was there a few times, and it was pretty cool until I realized that they were like seagulls are down here. Seriously, there were a bunch of bald eagles, and it seemed like the first month or so that I was there, I’d go to my room after hanging out with the guys and see an eagle somewhere on the second floor of B-building.

I figured, over a month after being asked about pictures, that I’d finally put some of them up. There will be an Imgur gallery for all of them, but to keep myself true to this post’s title, this one will be picture heavy. And I’ll some brief over-view of the things that happened up there.


Sometimes, you get paid to do stupid things, even when your boss isn’t aware of it. Josh and I were freezer-breaking partners, and our job was to take metal pans full of fish out of plate freezers and toss them on to a conveyor. One time, they sent us over to the CO2 freezers, which were covered in CO2 “snow”. So when Josh and I were waiting for everyone else to get over there because we’d finished a freezer and they were still casing it up, he started making a “snow” ball. It got pretty big, and then our production lead came over, laughed, and told us to make it bigger. Josh tossed the freezer and I went behind it so the cameras couldn’t see me as I made this 10+ pound beauty.


This was another stupid thing that I got paid to do. When pollock season was done, and work slowed down because we were waiting for crab, cod, halibut, and whatever else would come in, we would get bored when we actually had work come in and it went too slow. So, as the ice was being chipped off by the baskets of halibut we were glazing and casing, I made a snowball. After that, another snowball. As soon as the other guys realized what I was doing, they wanted to help. Someone grabbed a pair of discarded crab claws and we broke off pieces to be the arms, grabbed some small rocks for the eyes, and a ribbon around his neck.

Did we want to build a snowman? Absolutely.


This was my favorite thing that we did during our down time. One day where we didn’t have work, Tony and I bumped in to Rowan and found out that a group was headed to “Bunker Hill”, which is what it sounds like – a big hill with World War II bunkers. So, we joined them in the cab going there to save daylight, and then hiked from the bottom up! This was probably a half hour or more later, before a few of us decided to hop in to the bunker and see what it’s like. The answer? Lots of broken beer bottles, empty beer cans, and graffiti. Apparently it is the popular drinking place.

Lastly, here is the link to the whole Imgur album, and I leave you with this:


(Also known as Tony and I both taking a picture of Rowan on top of one of the smaller bunkers)

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January 9th, 2015 at 08:06

Great photo of the bunker! I’m didn’t picture Alaska as having much military strategy during WWII.

I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, but I saw this movie called The Fourth Kind once upon. It was set in Nome and terrified the bejesus out of me. I could maybe do Anchorage though.



January 9th, 2015 at 11:11

Alaska was actually involved in WWII quite a bit, from what I know. I’ve got a copy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (used to be one of their newspapers) from June 22, 1942 that has a front page article about an expected attack on the Aleutian Islands (which is the area where Dutch Harbor is).

I definitely want to go back to some part of Alaska. All I really got to see was the Anchorage airport and Dutch Harbor, and I’d like to see more of the state some day.

Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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