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You have entered a dark room…

… and found yourself in a nerdy corner of this blog! Welcome to the first post of the ongoing D&D 5th Edition saga!

As with most things that I do, this one started out with me half-assing things because I wasn’t prepared. The plan was “build D&D characters, then play GURPS”. That plan didn’t exactly work out, because Steev realized that all of us — himself included — had forgotten how to play GURPS. So, with only a vague idea of what I wanted to do, I started the world of this campaign.

Our cast of characters starts with Seaward. She is a lightfoot halfling, which makes her dexterous and perfect for her chosen career path as a rogue. She’s of middle age for a halfling, about 150 years old, but one of those stately women that tends to draw the eyes of those around her. Seaward definitely has an agenda, but nobody is entirely sure what that is.

Next to be introduced was Roiben, a Tiefling warlock, who has a pact with a Great Old One, one of the powerful forgotten entities of the universe. Roiben is a tall man, made taller by his horns, and also quite attractive. Very little has been revealed about Roiben beyond his interest in Seaward, as he volunteered half of his share from their first quest to get Seaward to join the group.

Following Roiben was Oskar, the hill dwarf druid. The hill dwarves are more peaceful than their mountain-dwelling cousins, who resent them for it. Oskar is a beer-brewer with some skill, but has a tendency to over-promise and under-perform. He has a history as more of a hermit than a city-dweller, but has been dragged in to this group by making promises he couldn’t keep to Seaward.

The other dwarf in the group, Kildrak, might be one of the only mountain dwarves who doesn’t hate Oskar — and that has a lot to do with the quality of his beer, when he actually gets it made. He has a dark past in the Dwarf-Orc war five years ago, and still has a tendency to be less-than-reasonable around Orcs.

Lastly, we have “Wally da Warforged Wizard”, another group member who is more of an outlander. Very little has been revealed about Wally, as he has a penchant for keeping secrets.


And that’s the group so far! I would go a bit more in-depth on their journey so far, but in the first session, they didn’t actually leave town. Sure, Seaward hired a hooker and then killed her in his room at the inn, but most of the first session involved the characters meeting each other and learning a bit about what Falcrest has to offer.

Next session (tonight!): Journey to Crell Keep! The lord mayor of Falcrest has offered a 500 GP reward, as well as a share of whatever loot they find, to the person or group willing to brave Crell Keep, find out if the rumors of a dragon are true, and slay it if they are. Stay tuned!


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